Nail Clippers and Toenail Clippers Set@Amazon

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  • ★Durable Quality: Manufactured with high quality 420 stainless steel, the Prettycare Manicure Pedicure set is rust resistant and will stand up to any corrosion and wear. The robust structure ensures long life and beautifully manicured nails.
  • ★Easy Handling: With exceptional ergonomic design, the Prettycare nail clippers are easy to hold and operate for flawless, precise trimming of your nails without any fumbling.
  • ★A Clean Clip Every Time: Special technology has produced razor-sharp and rock-hard clipper blades that effortlessly snip your nails, and promotes excellent nail hygiene, giving you perfect edges without discomfort.
  • ★A Tool For Every Job: This handy kit is a nail salon in the palm of your hand. Large toenail clippers, a smaller fingernail clipper for more delicate work, a cuticle nipper to keep your nails tidy and bacteria free and a nail file for the final finish.
  • ★Beautiful Design: An exacting fabrication process gives you exquisite embossing and superior coating with every piece in your Prettycare kit. All nail care tools are kept in an attractive synthetic leather case .

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