High-Density Memory Foam Bed Pillow @ Amazon

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  • PREMIUM MEMORY FOAM: The big size 25″×15″×4″/3″ / 3lbs antibacterial memory foam, cradles to your body shape in response to heat and pressure, rebounds slowly and distributes body weight evenly; medium-to-soft firmness feel, ensure superior sleeping comfort
  • FUNCTION: The bed pillow promotes natural traction for the neck and smooth breathing, improving the quality of the sleep; it effectively supports your head, neck, shoulder & upper back, relieves pain & pressure and promotes spinal alignment
  • ZIP COVER: The breathable knitted fabric outer cover has a hidden zipper, which protects the skin from scratches; This removable cover is dust mite resistant and hypoallergenic, hand wash (max. water temperature 104°F/40°C); do not wash the memory foam core
  • IDEAL FOR BACK/SIDE SLEEPERS: the center cavity ideally cradles your head, the wedge extension supports your upper back, and the cervical contour helps to maintain the natural curve of your neck; side sleepers should rest on the 2 convex side panels
  • NOTICE: new foam products often have a natural, non-harmful scent; please air the cervical pillow upon unpacking; wait for 24 hours until it resumes its original shape after unpacked; all dimensions are measured manually with a possible deviation of 1-3 cm. If you have any questions, please contact us at langriaservice@gmail.com. Your satisfaction is our motivation.