Dust Daddy Vacuum Attachment/Vacuum Cleaner Dust Dirt Remover @ Amazon

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  • ♥ Innovative Design: Adapting the latest dust removal technology, 30 hoses designed to remove common vacuum cleaner plug can not reach the place, Perfect for such as keyboards, shutters, vents, drawers, jewelry boxes, cars.
  • ♥ Universal Attachment: The vacuum attachment interface is 1.4 inches in diameter and can work with most standard sized vacuum hoses, which is suitable for MANY TAPES【NOT ALL】 of vacuum cleaners. Give you a clean and comfortable environment.
  • ♥ Excellent Quality : With high-quality soft plastic micro-size suction tubes, will not break easily and gentle enough to glide around small keys and buttons without damaging them, very durable. And it can go nearly anywhere dust hides, this design allows you to just suction in the dust without worrying about that larger items or debris being sucked in as well.
  • ♥ Time&Energy Saving: You won’t need to remove small objects such as jewelry, nuts and bolts and Lego to any area or partake in any of this pre-cleaning, with this dust cleaner you’ll be able to grab all the dust around any objects without sucking them up. The flexible tubes can fix all. Long and flexible tubes have access to any deep corners, no longer need to do more job, greatly saving time and improving efficiency.
  • ♥ Comfortable and Practical: Comfort and control of the handle Ergonomic grip, compact and lightweight, detachable parts, easy to install, the user can easily remove the dust in the house, car and any other places you want to clean.

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