Bunion Pad & Spacer Kit @ Amazon

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  • •SET OF 8 BUNION PADS & TOE STRAIGHTENERS: 2 Standard Shield Spacers | 2 Standard Toe Spacers| 2 Sport Shield Spacers | 2 Sport Toe Separators – Made from super soft flexible gel.
  • •DESIGNED FOR AN ACTIVE LIFESTYLE: We know that you do more than just sit around all day. That’s why we’ve included 2 pairs of Sport Pads & Spacers that allow you to be more active while keeping the bunion cushion in place. When you want to relax, switch to the included 2 pairs of low profile Standard Pads & Spacers.
  • •POSTPONE YOUR NEED FOR SURGERY: Nothing can replace corrective bunion surgery, but our cushions, pads, spacers, and shields often provide enough relief that you can get back to your normal routine if you are hamletive about your options.
  • •Shape Beautiful Foot-athletes, students, worker, people who wear work boots ,ove the high heels but suffer from the bunion. rescue your feet Instantly. Healthy toes are the shortcut to beautiful legs
  • •PLEDGE TO ALWAYS BE ETHICAL: The team at ‘STEPCOMFY’ is headed by medical professionals and will never make unfounded claims about the benefits of our products. Bunion pads & spacers are designed for pain relief both before and after surgery. Some competitors offer a ‘cure’, but correction of bunions with these and similar devices is not typical and usually requires corrective bunion surgery.

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