Birthday Cake Toy, Play Birthday Party Cake Toy Set DIY Kitchen Food Early Education Gift Toys @ Amazon

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  • Material: ABS new material, environmentally friendly material. The colors are bright and colorful, and the shape is lovely. 100% safe, non-toxic and odor-free. Fine workmanship, smooth and no burrs.
  • Design: Infinite creativity, there are many small holes in the cake, DIY hole design can freely insert the things you like on the small holes. A lot of accessories, all accessories can be disassembled. Baby can insert fruit, cream, candles and other accessories on the cake to form a variety of flavors that they like.
  • Velcro: Simulate a real cake, you can cut the cake into 6 pieces, and you can also stick the cake back to its original shape. The Velcro is safe and soft, doesn’t harm your baby, and can be used repeatedly. The cake pieces are glued together with Velcro, and the children can easily cut them with a soft cake knife.
  • Accessories: Rich accessories, random to insert, colorful fruit, let you freely assemble your favorite cake, exercise children’s Handmade and brain ability. Rich and varied foods, including biscuits, candies, puddings, fruits, etc, let the baby learn to recognize more food, promote the baby’s intellectual development, and increase awareness.
  • Products include: 6* small pieces cakes, 5* candles, 1* soft knives, 6* lollipops, 3* cherries, 3* yellow peaches, 3* strawberries, 3* kiwi, 3* rabbits, 1* birthdays Card, 3* cream, 1* color box, 1* black storage backpack.