Air Purifying Bags 4 X 200g, Activated Bamboo Carbon @ Amazon

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  • Remove Bad Odors: These bad odor eliminators keep rooms, closets, cars, shoes and pet areas smelling their cleanest & freshest. Perfect natural air purifying bags (4 pack)!
  • Absorb Moisture & Prevent Mildew: Activated charcoal bags can prevent mold, mildew and bacteria from forming by absorbing excess moisture. Create a healthy atmosphere in your home.
  • 100% Eco-Friendly: The air purifying bags are all made of activated bamboo charcoal. It’s 100% organic, non-toxic and eco-friendly, as well as perfectly safe for your family and your pets.
  • Great For Your Car: Great car decoration gift. Add just the right amount of bamboo air purifying bags to your car to create a cozy atmosphere for all to enjoy.
  • Reusable for up to two years: To rejuvenate and re-activate place the bags outside in the sun once a month for about an hour.